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Don’t Lose With the Recession Blues

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Yea it’s a recession, not as serious as the depression (thank goodness), but the many situations that may have happen from the recession may have left you feeling down and a little blue. Understandable, we are humans after all right? Right! However, this should not be a reason or should I say excuse for you not to feel as if things will not get better, or that you cant overcome a few obstacles. Obstacles are just what they are barriers in which you can climb to get over to the other side. What’s on this other side? A new job, a promotion, a new client/customer, a new home, a goal that you always wanted to achieve? Yes!!!!  Even for our young generation, they too are affected with this recession, no new sneakers, no family vacation? How can we overcome these recession blues, everyone seems to be singing them, but the note sounds a little off. Ok you lost your job?? Have you thought about creating a job that may never be lost again??? Yes we call this ENTREPRENEURSHIP….become an entrepreneur invest some time and energy into doing something you always wanted to do, something you have a passion for, something that may generate some extra funds. I find that reading and research helps a lot especially when you are feeling down and blue…research ways to further your career, certification, degrees, etc all of the hard work will pay off!!!!! For the young generation, it’s never to early to think about entrepreneurship, ever wanted to write a book?  Create something fun? I encourage people to not loose with the recession blues but instead invest in your passion, appreciate your creativity, overcome those obstacles and come out a WINNER, create a new song and leave the recession blues alone!   For a great start, take a look at an article on the skills and industries that are high in demand for the remaing of this year click here and,  also check out a prospective of the types of jobs that will be in high demand in 2012 click

Tiffany is the Human Resource Coordinator in the Global Operations and Human Resources division of the United Nations, International Center


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