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Two wrongs, make a right-experiences that changed my life

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signle-right-wrong-decision-10800455Have you ever been in a situation where your life drastically passes before your eyes? Have your ever gotten to a point where you wondered where in your life brought you to the place where you are now? Well recently, both of those exact questions ran through my mind when the police came knocking to my door. I have a few stories that brought me to the position that I am currently in right now.

About a year ago I was with a very diverse group of individuals, each with their own backgrounds and stories. One of which, being my best friend, hosted a party while his parents were away, we had a few friends, about 10 or so in his basement drinking alcoholic beverages. I did not drink, however I chose to accompany myself around people that did chose that lifestyle. As the night progressed, my friends and others I was not acquainted with began to become highly intoxicated, which resulted with them being very loud and obnoxious. Not having a care in the world, I enjoyed all of their company, not realizing the possibility that something bad could possibly happen in result of this. Later on that night, an abrupt knock came to the door nearly startling everyone who was in the basement with me. The police entered the house, looked quite surprised of the amount of empty beer cans lying around. My heart dropped, I never been in a situation where I could be in trouble due to the people I involved myself with. The police immediately assumed that everyone was drinking, so they started issuing tickets without any hesitation. I confronted the officers, stating that I did not drink and I should not be charged with something I didn’t do. They agreed, however, somehow I was still charged with a attempt of consumption of Alcohol and was found guilty by the judge. I would consider that the first and last warning I received due to the people I involved myself with.


A few months passed since the previous incident, later on the same year I committed a crime I am not proud of; a crime so bad that I could have received prison time. Few months passed by since the crime has taken place and on Saturday in early January two local Police knocked at my door seeking to arrest me. There was a warrant out for my arrest and I had 48 hours to turn myself in before I was a wanted criminal.
Before this took place I was lost, not going to church, not praying and overall not following Gods law. After the Officers came to my front door, I immediately began to pray and meditate on everything I learned. I asked for forgiveness, made a list of things I would change in my life that I know was sinful and continued to pray and have faith that things would fall into place.

The following Sunday I invited my family, friends and I came to a Christian Center seeking more word and prayer before my arrest, and following the sermon I gave my life over to Christ and received a baptism. The feeling was amazing; I felt as if I was a new person, and I was. The next day, I was ready to turn myself in and face the consequences of what I had done. 5 minutes away from the police station, my lawyer calls me in disbelief of what had taken place. My lawyer told me that the judge ended up throwing the case out and that the crime would not be on my record at all. Immediately after hearing this I began to cry and thank God for what has just happened. This experience made a believer of my friends and strengthened the belief my family already has for him.

Once all of this was said and done with, I immediately knew I had to do something differently with my life. This resulted with me thinking about joining law enforcement and making a difference in the judicial system by becoming a police officer or a Federal Bureau of Investigations agent. I believe this career could bring good not only to the community but also bring hope and possibly prosperity to others that want to do something different with their lives, like I did for mine.


Curtis Evans is a 21 year old who was incarcerated in Du page County. He plans to be on the other side of justice by pursuing  a criminal law degree. This is the second blog he chose to do as community service with Future Executives, Inc. His first is about his incarceration in Dupage County.


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