Future Executives, Inc.’s is a non-profit organization Founded in 1989.  We offer a forward thinking innovative approach to developing young leaders via our four pillars: Education. Mentoring, Funding and Social Networking thus creating holistic sustainable leaders.

Company Overview

Future Executives, Inc. is a resource center for 8-25 year olds to explore, cultivate and hone entrepreneur behaviors and personal development using a multi-media platform. The organization partners, collaborates, develops workshops, lesson plans and symposiums to support the process.  We offer entrepreneurship training and support, multi-media virtual  learning & volunteering platform, children & parent advocacy. To date we have supported thousands of children and their families. 

Brief Description

In 1994, Future Executives, Inc. (FE) received it’s NYS incorporation and 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.  Our services have included but are not limited to workshops, tutoring, internships, career training and exploration.  FE has worked with general and at-risk students in the NYC-tristate area. FE has sponsored career-day field trips including; concerts (a look behind the scenes), Yankee and Knick games, media corporations such as VIBE and MTV as well as other businesses. In addition, the founding members facilitated a panel “I Don’t Wanna be a Rapper”; Alternative Careers in Entertainment:  at high schools, New York University, The NAACP youth division, The Albany Black Caucus (New York) and several entertainment conferences.

On November 4, 2011, the White House Business Council invited Our founder/CEO and a number of business leaders from around the country to the White House to talk about jobs and President Obama’s plan for moving our economy forward. Several of the business owners in the room discussed how critical portions of the Jobs Act would not only aid the economy but also help current and future entrepreneurs grow, hire and succeed.

Our web’s interactive activities such as blogging, vlogging, educational entrepreneur games, and our podcast offer engaging and differentiated paths for our 3 tier targeted groups (8-12, 13-17, 18-25). Our virtual volunteers share their stories, and/or experiences about various career paths and devote vital information  supporting our target groups understanding of the many skill sets and exposure needed to be successful.

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Our Past and Present Partners include:

New York University College Radio

The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music @ New York University

NAACP Brooklyn Youth Division

The Roosevelt Institute

The Phenomenal Women’s Group, Inc.

Independent Film New York

The Web Academy New York

Medgar Evers College Summer Youth Program

Music Makers Press LLC.

Holistic Opportunity for Personal Empowerment NJ

The Frett Knott Group, Inc

Black and Latino Film Coalition

The New York Chapter of the National Alumnae of Spelman College