Larnie Richardson III

Larnie U. Richardson III is a Vice President with BNY Mellon where he is responsible for the company’s videoconferencing and multimedia capabilities. In this role, he develops conference rooms with multimedia technology that allows associates to conduct meetings and training virtually from many points around the globe.

As a manager of videoconferencing, his role is crucial in maintaining the endpoints and network to allow users to conduct meetings with colleagues in other cities and countries. He also produces internal multimedia material such as graphics, webcasts, podcasts and the like.

Before joining BNY Mellon Pershing division 13 years ago, Larnie spent 9 years as a radio producer at WBLS-FM in New York City. He began his professional broadcast career in 1990 upon graduating from SUNY/ College at Old Westbury. He worked as an assistant news editor for WLIB-AM, assisting the news anchors with organizing hourly news briefs. His role evolved into an assistant producer for the late Frankie Crocker where he organized and planned radio broadcasts. Frankie Crocker gave him the nickname “Uptown”. He was promoted to morning show producer in 1994. Over the next few years, his various stints at different stations allowed him to with the likes of Vaughn Harper on the Quiet Storm, Lenny Green on Kissing After Dark Live remotes and Hal Jackson’s Sunday Classics and including late nights smooth jazz station CD 101.9.

As a student at SUNY/Old Westbury, Larnie and a group of students began the student operated college radio station in the late 1980’s. “I feel this experience in college to help begin the radio station and be called to manage it from the initial stages provided me with a foundation that I walk with through life. I learned how to understand and be understood. As Langston Hughes once put it “Dig and be dug in return”.


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