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Our mission is to serve a global community of aspiring entrepreneurs.


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Serving primarily 8 to 25 year-olds through education, mentoring, funding and social networking, FE ‘s ultimate goal is to create a continual cycle of children and young adults utilizing our network and resources to achieve their dreams and helping support others to do the same.

Future Executives, Inc. (FE) is a non profit organization that provides services for children and young adults. These services include but are not limited to workshops, tutoring, internships,career training and exploration within varied fields of interest. In 1994 Future Executives, Inc received it’s NYS incorporation and 501 (c) (3) tax exempt statuses. For the past twenty years, FE has been working with general and special education students in the NYC area. Its founder has sponsored career-day field trips including; concerts (a look behind the scenes), Yankee and Knick games, media corporations such as VIBE and MTV as well as other businesses. In addition, the founding members facilitated the panel “I Don’t Wanna Be A Rapper”: Alternative Careers in Entertainment at high schools, New York University, The NAACP youth division, the Albany Black Caucus (1994) and several entertainment conferences. Everywhere children and young adults visited, the career choices were discussed as well as the importance of education.

The founder also produced and directed “The Dance Never Stopped”, a high school play that allowed students to assume technical and managerial positions within the production in 2003.

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