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Women!!! 3 Ways to Crack the Glass Ceiling starting with your first Job

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We dread that infamous glass ceiling, but hope that if it is something we even come in contact with, it won’t be until we are comfortable in our future post-graduation job waiting on a promotion. Waiting is a terrible mistake. While you are waiting on that big promotion, everything you’ve done up until that point secures your current position: face pressed against that glass ceiling, wishing you were on the other side. Young women executives need to start building those glass-breaking habits at their first job, whether it is Wendy’s or that coveted summer internship. If you take these three steps starting today, the glass-ceiling will one less thing standing in the way of your success.


  1. Work hard…. But not too hard.

This past summer I had a dream internship. The position was rotational, so I started out in one position, and halfway through the summer I was moved to a totally new department. By midway through the summer I felt confident that I knew the company culture like the back of my hand and was going to do even better in my second position. I worked my tail end off, cranking out twice the work of anyone else in the department and felt like the management viewed me highly from the start. I was shocked when I got a sub-par evaluation one week after starting work in my new position. My manager said it seemed like I took the department move as a demotion. Why did he say this?

I was enlightened last week while listening to interview with Dr. Lois Frankel, Author of Nice Don’t Get the Corner Office. You aren’t given a position to work harder than anyone else; you are given a position to add value to the team. Regardless of what your job is, don’t put your nose to the grindstone anymore than anyone else on the team. Spend your time building relationships, finding ways to improve your project, or improve methods to make them more effective and efficient. Be mentally engaged at work and observe all that’s going on. You want to be the person that others will come to when they have a question, and that management will come to when they have a promotion available.


  1. Just because you aren’t a man, doesn’t mean you have to be a B****.

Unfortunately, a misconception often occurs when women think of breaking the glass ceiling. Do people have to see you a soulless creature in order to view you on level playing field with the men at work? No! In most cases, one of the many perks of being a woman in the workforce is that your employees and even your peers will come to you before a man if they are having an emotional problem inhibiting them from working at their usual pace, or if there is a harassment issue in the workplace. The key is to connect with others and build a relationship, without getting too emotionally involved.

  • Show your character. When you come into work, greet as many people as you come in contact with. When you start a job, ask everyone their names and do your best to remember. If you work a front desk job, but walk through the laundry department everyday when you get to work, walk in with a smile on your face and greet everyone. This will start your workday off right, and if you ever need a rush order on some clean towels, they will be happy to help the girl who takes the time to say hello to them everyday.
  • Big girls don’t cry at work. It’s okay to show that you are an emotional being, but it’s not okay to cry at work. Why? Because you make other people uncomfortable. This may sound insensitive, and it’s absolutely terrible that your boyfriend broke up with you before you came in to work today, but if you really need to let the waterworks out, excuse yourself and go to the restroom until you have control. If you have cried in front of your co-workers and/or managers, they will not see you as a person who can handle difficult situations, and therefore won’t move you to a more challenging position or check that box on your recommendation. Your peers and superiors want to see that you aren’t soulless, but they also don’t want to see you at your weakest moments.
  • When you ‘re offended at work, let people know. Showing your kindness doesn’t mean you have to be nice when others aren’t. If you are offended in a meeting, calmly take the offender aside in an appropriate manner and tell them how you feel using “I” statements.

Rather than – “You wouldn’t even let me speak!” Say – “I felt like I could not get a work in edgewise when we were talking about such-and-such. Next meeting I would really appreciate if I could be heard.” The goal is that they hear you and see your maturity, not to start a fight. Also, word travels fast at work. This is a way to build your reputation as someone who does not get walked on, and as someone who can handle a conflict without turning it into work-drama.


  1. Empower your fellow females to help you shatter the glass ceiling.

I once had a manager at a job that was so catty; I could hardly believe she made it to the professional position she was in. She was similar to me with a similar background and we became instant friends when I first got the job. As I got to know her in the workplace, I saw that she was not as happy for my success as she had indicated at the beginning of our work relationship. When I made normal beginner mistakes she would make me feel even worse about them, and assure me that the head manager of the department was mad at me, even when she wasn’t. A few months into the job, I excitedly told her of my future goals with the company. I had found success since I worked there, and gotten outstanding reviews, so my goals were reasonable. She responded with “Well…. I don’t think you will get *insert goal position here* or even *insert level beneath goal position here* but maybe, one day, you will get *insert position I don’t even want here*” …. Needless to say my jaw was on the floor. Here I thought the person who would be my number one supporter and even mentor, was making me feel lower than low. What should you do if this happens to you? Don’t listen and let it be a reminder to never make others feel this way. If you’re confident in your work, and have gotten other positive feedback, ignore those who are jealous of you.

Learn to differentiate between when jealousy is speaking and when someone is telling you an uncomfortable truth. Unfortunately, when you find success, jealousy follows. My point in saying this: break the cycle! Just because someone else gets the position or review you wanted at work, doesn’t mean you can’t still find success. My mother once said, women who put other women down in the workplace are polishing the glass ceiling, ensuring that it is there to stay. We have to lift each other up and break through the glass ceiling together. When your sister makes a move toward the top, be the one there to give her a boost and your turn will be coming sooner than you think!

Sarah is a hospitality professional in her last at the University of South Carolina. She’s a passionate worker, eager intern, people person, fitness enthusiast, and adventure seeker. Sarah is always searching for personal and career growth opportunities, and excited to share her learnings!

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How to dress for success & 18 tips to a good interview

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The reality is you need money to survive so, you’re going in for a job interview. Inside, you’re freaking out; What do I do? Should I be super-smiley or super-serious? Dress casually or conservatively? Do not fret, we’ve got you with some ideas for success gear and  tips and tricks to ace an interview.

Outfits: How to look the part.


For ladies:

– Dresses should go past the knees or just above the knees (as should dress skirts) and the neckline should start no more that 2-2 and 1/2 inches from the base of the neck. The straps should be at least three fingers thick. Wear colors such as burgundy, dark grey, navy/deep royal blues and black.
– Recommended footwear is high-heels not more than 3 inches high or black flats.
– If you want to dress more casually but still professionally, dress pants and flats paired with a casual top, a statement necklace, and a blazer will do the trick.
– Don’t cake up on the makeup. Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a nude lipstick or gloss is all you need.
– Wear nail polish colors such as dark purple, nude-browns, burgundy, dark grey, navy/deep royal blues, and black.

For men:

– Full suit.
– Dress shoes, dark jeans, dress shirt, with or without a blazer.
– Dress shoes, dress pants, casual long/short sleeve shirt, and a blazer.


Tips to a successful interview:

  1.  Turn of your digital device before entering an interview; nothing is more uncomfortable/awkward than having your phone go off during your conversation.
  2.  If you are asked about a particular weakness, DO NOT say something such as ‘I’m too much of an over-achiever’. Companies don’t like that. Instead, state your weakness and explain how you’re willing to correct it. Also, make sure it is something you can learn with experience from the job.
    Ex: “I do not have much knowledge with the excel processing program, however, I have been taking online courses to help.”
  3.  Don’t excessively spray perfume/cologne as you do not know who is more sensitive to strong smells. Use an unscented antiperspirant/deodorant, and spray 1-2 squirts of perfume into the air (not directly onto you) and walk into it.
  4.  Wearing dark colors is best because it shows you are professional. Never wear red because it shows power and that you will be overbearing.
  5. Smile, but not excessively.
  6. Show passion when answering questions.
  7. This should be a given, but sit up straight and do not slouch; this portrays disinterest.
  8. Listen intently to what the interviewer has to say, looking them in the eye, nodding periodically, looking interested.
  9. If you feel uncomfortable with eye contact, look directly between their eyes, on the bridge of their nose.
  10. Answer truthfully and be yourself, The last thing you want to do is make up lies and then be a completely different person during the job.
  11. Try not to show you’re nervous, but don’t be over-confident.
  12. If you tend to bite your nails, pick at a thread, play with your fingers, etc., clasp your hands together firmly and place them on your lap.
  13. Don’t ramble and stay on topic. BIG yet common mistake.
  14. Ask questions. This will show you’re invested in the job.
  15. Practice your answers to common and uncommon questions.
  16.  Do your research on that company and get to know what you should expect.
  17.  Have a notepad, pen, your resume, and your outfit set the night before.
  18. Be punctual, and come five to ten minutes early.

Now, get ready to rock that interview!

Best of luck!


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Writing and Waiting: Final Installment

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unnamed-2“Imagine my pleasure and surprise when I get to page 140 and saw me! Love Changes is wonderful, perfect for the beach! When I sit in the sun, I read.”
— Nikki Giovanni (via postcard from Aruba)

“….Eartha Watts-Hicks puts some young women’s lives in perspective. It’s extremely well-written. Reading about the reality of what’s really happening in many young women’s lives is enlightening. Perhaps this novel can change a young woman’s path and allow her to see what a difference an education can make.”
— New York Amsterdam News

Are any of us really ready to step into our opportunities and claim our inheritance now? For a very long time as a writer, the strive, was my life: the learning, building, research, drudgery, and preparation. Writing was a study, the book industry was a study, life itself was a study. Hopes fueled by faith, I was driven, always watching, learning, doing, but waiting for something to happen….the eternal aspirant, trying to be a writer.

I had become used to just “the grind.” But then, within two months of releasing my debut novel, I was nominated by Future Executives for the [Just R.E.A.D.] award from our local [NYCHA] branch of the NAACP. Because I was so used to the science of making it happen (i.e. the fixing, building, grace-under-fire, reevaluation, and damage control) I arrived at the venue prepared to smile graciously and give hearty cheer for “the winner.” I never anticipated walking away with the crystal award myself. But I did in tears, so overwhelmed with emotion (shock, joy, fear…you name it) that I was literally speechless.

Eartha Watts Hicks and Nikki Giovanni at the 2014 Hurston Wright Legacy Awards Ceremony, honoring burgeoning black writers and the literary achievements of Ms. Nikki Giovanni.
Eartha Watts Hicks and Nikki Giovanni at the 2014 Hurston Wright Legacy Awards Ceremony, honoring burgeoning black writers and the literary achievements of Ms. Nikki Giovanni.
Eartha Watts Hicks (in blue jacket) at the Project Enterprise Charles B. Bennenson Awards Gala, where she was named finalist for the organization's Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Eartha Watts Hicks (in blue jacket) at the Project Enterprise Charles B. Bennenson Awards Gala, where she was named finalist for the organization’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award

In May of 2013, I self-published Love Changes. My debut novel infuses poetry and popular music with prose. Love Changes took me eight years to write and another 4 years to acquire the permission of the publishing admins for Sean P. Diddy Combs, Soul II Soul, the Curtis Mayfield estate, and Mary J. Blige (among others) for featured song lyrics. So far, in addition to being the 2013 winner of the Just R.E.A.D. Award in fiction from NYCHA/NAACP, Love Changes was named the New York Amsterdam News’s Recommended Summer Read for 2013.

It’s available on,,,, at NYU Bookstore, Sisters Uptown Bookstore, other university bookstores, select Barnes & Noble retail locations, The New York Public Library System, and it is also available in Kindle format. I have participated in readings throughout the Tri-State area. And I was selected as a panelist for the author’s pavilion at this year’s Congressional Black Caucus.

Eartha Watts Hicks and Senator Bill Perkins at the Senators Mother's Day Bruncheon
Eartha Watts Hicks and Senator Bill Perkins at the Senators Mother’s Day Bruncheo

A few short years ago, I felt like I was running in place. There is no “plan B,” because failure is not an option. NO MORE WAITING. It is now or never time. I liken this feeling to that of being a general on horseback, adrenaline pumping, but still charging into battle with a roar, because I am too afraid to turn back. And, I share, wondering if maybe…that is the case…with all of us.

FREE PREVIEW. To support LOVE CHANGES, please LIKE and SHARE. Signed copies of Love Changes can be purchased directly from my website.
Note: NEWLY DESIGNED COVER is currently ONLY available through website purchases.


"Natural- Back to the Roots" 5 Easy Steps to Washing and Treating Hair

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Oscar nominated actresses Viola Davis and  Quvenzhane proudly flaunt their locks in Hollywood and many other African American women are doing the same around the world.  Natural Hair is back! With style and grace! According to various resources, Hair Relaxer sales have gone down 26% over the past 5 years. It is estimated that currently hundreds of women are going natural.  There is a large need to support returning to the natural hair process which requires patience and maintenance. Using the right products and consultation with natural hair specialist are essential to healthy hair care.

Viola Davis
Viola Davis

“Natural-Back to the Roots”, is a new series of blogs offering advice from Curly Natural Hair expert Renee Callender. “I can look at a persons hair and tell them how to maintain healthy hair.”, says Renee.  Callender has over 30 years of experience and owns Reene’s Hair Designs  located on 137 West 72nd street in Manhattan.  We welcome Renee to our virtual family! Below is her first of several blogs on how to maintain healthy natural hair.   Simone-Monet Wahls

The ritual (usually the weekend) of washing your natural hair. Many of you find it extremely exhausted after shampooing and detangling your hair. Are you tried of spending your whole day shampooing and conditioning your hair? I have some advice to make the process a bit easier.

First, get everything you need: Towels, Shampoo (Sulfate free), Cream Rinse, Hair Mask (deep conditioner), Leave in Conditioner, Styling Aide: Jane Carter Nourish and Shine, or Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk and a large tooth comb.

Best way to detangle hair is to apply a creme rinse and begin at the roots.
Best way to detangle hair is to apply a cream rinse and begin at the roots.
Using a brush is unhealthy detangle hair care!
Using a brush is unhealthy detangle hair care!










1. Put cream rinse all over hair especially the hair ends.

2. Comb out hair starting on the bottom hair ends and work your way to the scalp. It is extremely important to comb and detangle hair BEFORE you wash it.

3. Wet you hair throughly and the proceed to shampoo using downward strokes.Treat you hair like you love it.

4. After washing your hair apply a generous amount hair mask to wet hair. Place a plastic cap over hair and sit under heat cap for 20 minutes.

5. Rinse conditioner out with cool water and style with your favorite styling aid (avoid products with alcohol ingredient).

*** Salon Phone number 212-721-1277

18 & over, 8-12yrs

Colonization: Consequences on Native Americans

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3152739_indios11Native Americans were forced to give up their culture and trade it for the Europeans culture. On top of that many of them died from disease. The Columbian Exchange (TCE) was the bardering of the Native Americans and the Europeans. They traded people, plants, food, animals, tools, and most importantly, cultures and disease. During this barder between the two, the exchange brought positive and negative effects on both countries lives. For example a benefit would be that the Native Americans were able to get horses instead of having to walk everywhere they go (via America Before Columbus). A consequence wold be that NAs that disease came and wiped a large percentage of their population. Colonization had a negative effect on Native Americans.

Natives were stripped of there freedom, culture, and religious beliefs. Catholic missionaries from European countries came to the Americas when slavery was first beginning to convert the NAs to christianity. The missionaries taught the natives the European culture, language, and religious beleifs, forcing them to forget their own culture. The Europeans were capturing natives and Africans to be their slaves. The europeans were to lazy to tame to their own crops and didn’t have the money to pay someone to do it for them so they used slaves. The natives and Africans took care of the crops, mostly sugarcane. This connects to my claim because the evidence explains how they were converted to another culture.

Many Native Americans died because of diseases such as smallpox. The Columbian exchange was the exchange of food, animals, people, plants, tools, cultures, and disease. This exchange was the trading between Native Americans and Europeans. During this trade brought disease. When the disease (smallpox) hit the natives a large amount of them died. “…Over 90% of Native Americans died due to smallpox epidemic…”. Historian and doctors are still trying to determine how this epidemic came to the Americas and also what caused it (via America Before Columbus). Europeans brought a devistating epidemic to the Americas causing and awful effect on Native Americans.


The original “feast” that has now become Thanksgiving celebration, ended with approximately 700 Native Americans murdered and many others wounded and emotionally devastated.  Most Native Americans that live on reservations live on or below the poverty level and must pay taxes on their incomes.


FREE! Youth Digital Marketing/Social Media Training



Learn to turn using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram into valuable career skills and become a social media master!

We are pleased to introduce Vince Chiofolo (@vince_tech) as Future Executives Digital Ambassador! Vince is skilled marketing technology and optimizing traditional, digital, social media, and mobile marketing efforts that build/strengthen relationships and create/maintain growth. Vince currently manages marketing operations at one of Inc magazine’s listed 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies and Crain’s NYC Fast 50.

He will share industry skills with youth diplomats on building organic social growth and mastering the art of social media under volunteer/community service to Future Executives, Inc. Participants work will be exposed to over 10,000 social media users.

Serious and focused volunteers will be chosen to work with Vince and Future Executives, Inc. Founder and CEO, Simone-Monet Wahls to create content and increase our social media presence.


Social Media Diplomats (16-25 years of age) will:
• Receive 60-90 days of hands on digital marketing experience
• Participate in at least four conference calls
• Commit 10 hours (flexible) a week for at least four months
• Receive an authenticated letter outlining service and skills acquired
• Set up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts
• Participate in an interview and need parent permission (if under 18)

****Strong interest in social media marketing a must.

Interested 16-25 year youth send a resume or letter of interest to by November 19, 2014 at 11:59pm. Qualified candidates will be notified of interview. Community serivice and internship credit available.


Brooklyn Nets seeking Pre-teen host for home games!!

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The Brooklyn Nets are  looking for a vibrant talented Future Executive between the age of 6-12 years old to co-host with Ally Love during weekend home games. The host will need to be available for all the weekend games of the season at the Barclay’s center. This is a great opportunity for a young person who is knowledgeable about and has a love for basketball. The exposure is enormous and the opportunities are endless.


Competition is fierce and vast so send  your best head shots, a resume and reel to by October 29, 2014 to be considered for the position.



U.S Department of State Internships

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This program offers U.S. citizen undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to participate in 10-week, unpaid internships that provide intensive educational and professional experience within the environment of America’s principle foreign affairs agency.
So if you would like to spend next Summer as an intern with the U.S. Department of State, please mark your calendar and make sure to apply before the deadline. You’ll not only have an experience of a lifetime, you may even earn educational credit.


Applicants who are selected for a U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program (unpaid) can contact the selecting bureau, or the central Student Programs office, if they require further details about the program to support their request for academic credit.
Please visit for more information about the Summer 2015 Student Internship Program (unpaid), and to start the online application process via USAJobs. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is October 17, 2014.


Brooklyn Museum paid internships

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Know any youth in NYC looking for creative paid opportunities? There are great mentoring, educational and social networking opportunities available! Brooklyn Museum is accepting applications for our 2014-2015 teen programs. Information can be found on the poster below. There is also a free pass for the year available. Use the email on the poster to inquire and apply of positions ( most applications are due the first full week of October).




Fashion Week Brooklyn Youth Volunteers

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Fashionistas! Its that time again! Are you between the ages of 13-21 and have Fashion Flare? Interested in a career in fashion? Apply to be a Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWB) Volunteer! You will be right in the presence of designers models and all that’s Fashion during FWB October 2-5, 2014 (Must attend our Orientation Sunday September 28th at 2pm).

We have space in the following areas:


  1. Set up/Stage hands- you need to be able to carry semi-heavy items!
  2. Seat filers-keep a seat warm for our VIP’s until they arrive!
  3. Backstage-designers, models ,food and fast moving!
  4. Gift bags-help stuff and place all the free goodies for guest!
  5. Guest Check in-be the first to greet and see who attends the event!

We need you to tell us about your passion for fashion (latest trends, accessories, magazines, etc.) in 250 words or less (may be published, images a plus but not required) along with your full name, email, phone number (parents permission needed if under18) by September 25, 2014 at 11:59pm. Please send information to No entries will be accepted after that date.

***Future Executives, Inc is the official Youth Liaison for Fashion Week Brooklyn!