Dancers Ringmasters and MainEvent model positive alternative activities

Some families of PS 197Q in Far Rockaway’s have experienced violence due to gang related activities. Many children are told that gangs are dangerous and not to join but are not offered positive alternatives. East New York Brooklyn is also plagued with gang violence. In 2000 the dance style called Flexin was created by Ringmasters. Ringmasters Crew is a phenomenal dance group that gained national attention on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3 hosted by Mario Lopez Flexin is a style of dance that evolved from a Jamaican dance called Bruk-Up that was performed to Dancehall Reggae, and Hip-Hop music. Flexin includes moves like Bone Breaking, Hat Tricks, Punch lines, Dare devil, Get Low, Animation, Pausing & Connecting.  They have created a dance troupe Main Event.

. . . And the crowd goes WILD!!!


Ringmaster Jay & Jermaine and Mainevent's Flizzo, Dre, Ayinde, Slicc, and Scorpion pose with students after their performance

Ringmasters is know for giving back to the community at times of tragedies through tribute dance videos, marching the streets and stop the violence campaigns.

Ringmasters, Mainevent, Future Executives, Inc. Simone-Monet, Principal Villiavicencio, Vanessa and former PS 197Q Student Giselle snap a shot behind school's Mural

Members of Main Event just cam back from touring with Madonna, ringmaster Jay is heading out to tour with LMFAO and commercials with EKO (hat tricks) and an upcoming commercial shot in Switzerland for Evian water!

Young scholars got on the stage and showed ringmaster & mainevent their dance moves!








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