Student Youth Employment Career Exploration Workshops

 In 2011, we began to offer a helping hand Medgar Evers College’s Summer Youth Program on Career Exploration Day. Thanks to our vast resource of volunteers or 2011 and 2012, over 300 14-21 years have beeen exposed to alternative career paths. Scroll down to see 2012 images
Co-Presenter Christine Annotto Ferguson sharing her entrepreneur journey with a room of over 200 14-25 year future executives.


10 year old co-presenter Asaru sharing his entrepreneur journey with a room of over 250 14-25 year future executives .
Co-Presenter Simone-Monet Wahls Founder of Future Executives, inc. shares crucial career exploration 1st steps

In 2012, we upped the efforts with a full panel featuring Earnest Flowers III, President of Crown & Media Communications, Randall Toure, President of the African American International Chamber of Commerce, Inc. April Walker, serial Entrepreneur, Founder /CEO Walker Wear with guest speakers Verneda White, Founder of ?Human Intonation and Victor Newman Creative Director, Think-Design-Create.  We will upload video of event when it’s edited.

Victor Newman's shared a power point featuring his past accomplishments and the phases of graphic design.
Verneda White discussing what lead her to start Human Intonation

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