Virtual Explorer: Ras

Untitled drawing (16)

Ras is an 8 year old who volunteers at a local daycare reading to younger children. He is learning to speak Spanish and would someday like to visit every spanish speaking country in the world. His interests include: science fiction (or anything science), online video competitions and reading.  He is an  ‘A’ student and thinks that being smart is “cool”. Inspired by President Obama, Ras would like to be a politician.  He also has interest in dentistry, creating video games that even busy moms would love, and traveling the world.  He and his mother Regina, often talk about being a renaissance man like Paul Roebeson.

His Heroes include his dad, grandfather, President Obama, George Washington Carver (Inspired by the peanut, and Washington’s  science theories), Benjamin Banneker, and Martin Luther King Jr.


Martial arts for four years (senior blue belt)

Taekwondo and Vietnamese weapons training




Founding member of Future Executives, Inc. Junior division.