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There is world of information out there and we have found people who are willing to share their innovative career and entrepreneur experiences. If you are between the ages of 8-25, you can become a member of the organization free of charge. As a member you can participate in our many services including: free entrepreneur games, live upcoming radio and video shows, distance educational and training services, vlogging and blogging and much more. Future Executives, Inc.’s members find out their strengths, weaknesses and affinities via a free assessment tool. Our assessment process helps you start exploring career/business options that match you.

***You can build a profile and blog or vlog. To join simply register on our website!


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***Junior Executives need their Parent’s permission to build a profile.  Parents and or guardians are primarily responsible for the activities of their children on this or any website. Future Executives, Inc, is making every effort to keep your children safe on this site as well as in our NING community We encourage you to review the children’s on line privacy protection act www.coppa.org

General Safety rules for children on this site:

  • Use your child’s first name only with last name initial on their profile page
  • Never allow your child to chat or use the webcam with anyone new unless you are monitoring
  • Never allow your child to enter into a new friendship with someone without a prescreening video meeting
  • Do not allow child to post pictures with school logos, license plate or house numbers
  • If you live in a small town put your state of residence only
  • Set up the site using your (parent) email so that all notifications come to you
  • Set up chat dates with friends and limit the amount of time the child can be on the site.