Virtual Explorer: Nico

nico My name is Nicoló  and I am eight years old. I live with my  mom who is an artist in Manhattan. My papa lives in Milano, Italy and  designs furniture. I am very lively and like to jump around. My favorite comedians to watch are Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and my  friends Asaru, Liam and Wilder. When I grow up maybe I want to be in  the circus. I like school especially math, science and social studies  but more than anything I like block building. My least favorite  subject in school is lunch because I like to eat and the food is  terrible. I like to use my imagination in drawing medieval battles,  building forts, dressing up and dancing.  I recently began a small business selling hot apple cider on my  street on very cold days around 5pm. It was very successful as I only  charged 75 cents per cup but most people just gave me a dollar. I did  my own advertising by creating a sign and so far I have made $34.73. I want to give half to help cheetahs in Africa, a quarter to spend  myself and a quarter I will put in my savings account at the bank.

Afterschool activities include:





Roller blading and scootering around the neighborhood

Founding member of Future Executives, Inc. Junior division

First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum- dance party yeah!!!!


One Comment

  • I’m gonna start selling stuff on my block like my friend Nico. He inspires me. I’m gonna sell my art, my old toys and some healthy smoothies. I think every body needs to be HEALTHY. Everyone in the world should care about the homeless and diet. When you help others not only do you feel good but it’s also courteous.


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