Virtual Explorer: Asaru

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The child standing in the middle of the room with an animated expression reciting some lines or singing a song would undoubtedly be Asaru. He would also be the one “directing” the other children in “pretend”; assigning roles and scenarios to create the setting. He spends a lot of time in museums and enjoys Broadway musicals as well as other forms of arts and entertainment. He has relevant and mature inquires and loves to have discussions about the experiences of people and life. He has a broad understanding of service and volunteering and has desires to work in his community.

At four years old, Asaru made his acting debut in a DVD series entitled “Da Stuy”. He plans to be a rock star, a newscaster, and  ultimately retire. And “then” he says, “I guess I’ll be a doctor”. In 2011, he landed the role of Scarecrow in his schools production to “The Wiz”. Asaru has enjoyed learning Drumming, Karate, Spanish and Sign Language. Asaru  has been golfing since he was 4 years old and is now the youngest member of Brooklyn Golf’s Center’s Birdie First Tee Program. Asaru says,“ I really, really enjoy golf and when I am focused I am good”.

He maintains a B+ average and loves reading books.  Asaru is drafting a books on bullies, songs and developing script ideas.  He would like to produce movies starring his friends.  Ina addition, in 2010, he has embarked on his starting a company “Funny Money”, a business that would teach people how to save and grow their money. Listen to a recent interview from Our Communities Our Children radio which features Asaru!

Leo (junior division of Lion’s international)

Founding member of Future Executives, Inc. Junior division

First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum- dance party yeah!!!!

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Sign language

I like it Live!

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